Last Night

July 3rd, 2015

irina_lakicevic_saint_laurent_bottega_venetaDefinitely perfect sandals. As I am a firm follower of french-chic and Hedi fan from the start my all black pairing (and referencing the first Ad’s by HS for SLP)probably doesn’t strike you as too toned down. What ads a a touch of sexy to it is the fact that the shirt is men’s (borrowed from my bae, and don’t get me started on that bandanna print)so a bit cleavage shows from time to time and the obligatory silk scarf.
Shirt by SLP (men’s), Saint Laurent pants, Bottega Veneta sandals, Prada scarf

nauticalIn 2 weeks time I am off to vacay and I have sun& sea on my mind.Naturally the thoughts wander towards sailing & all the blue/white inspiration you can get.




Food Porn

louis vuitton_furniture


New In

July 1st, 2015

Adore my new shoesies, just a pair of perfect simple black sandals that look killer on (actually I will re-write that to porn-good, yes THAT good)

Bottega Veneta sandals via ShoeScribe (on sale gals)

The Céline effect

June 30th, 2015

I know you have been wondered what was that flowery thing I managed to drag out of the bag after my Lan-dan visit.
Now here is the thing:while my choice may not been the obvious one if you are looking for the Ka-Pow factor (ref Instagram @irinalakicevic) neither was this piece  one of those love at first sight affairs . It was more ‘God Damn my butt looks good in this’ paired with ‘Hey, my waist looks awesome’ that made me eventually commit fully to it. Not to mention the ‘swoosh’ effect you get while you walk or in my instance twirl around. read more

Monday Easy

June 29th, 2015

Uten navn-3
Ph: The Line
t’s not that I consider Mondays as particularly difficult to bear with, I just like a smooth weekend-weekday transition. Head to toe in black or white, soft materials and sleek silhouettes and Monday can just bring it on.

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