January 12th, 2013
Now, you are probably tired of hearing me talk about weather. I can’t blame you, but for us up in the North weather is an undying source of small talk.Like today for example, today was the first sunny day we have had in three weeks?The streets were crawling with ppl today, despite the fact that it was -5C,
I used the opportunity to wear sandals,right enough paired with stockings, but hey, I am  not picky!
I am also sporting one of the lovely things that I got on sale: quite eyecaching coat in spring coolest color combo: B&W and a Balenciaga clutch.
I have really been on the hunt for things that really pop up and are easy to wear and pair, but also the things that are fulling the gap in my wardrobes (which always exist…The eternal chase for the perfect piece…)

I am wearing Vanessa Bruno Athe coat, ACNE sweater and men’s jeans, Blaneciaga clutch and Alexander Wang  pumps
P.S Big thanks to MARTE  and JMfor tipsing me about my photo featured in the newest issue of Vogue US! I’ll post a photo when the issue comes in Bergen… (which will be in quite some weeks from now…Yupp, living in the suburbs of civilisation…)



  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    This red clutch is really a great addition to your wardrobe !
    How I envy you about the sun !

    • Irina Lakicevic

      hhee, I know it really fills some gaps here and there;)Thanks!

  • Julie

    Lookin’ good Irina! ;) Fantastisk kåpe og clutch! :)

    • Irina Lakicevic

      Tusen takk søta!Looking good urself!

  • My wooden shoes

    Gorgeous coat! I totally love statement pieces like this..


    • Irina Lakicevic

      Great to have in the wardrobe!Thank u!

  • Urban Auburn

    I walked right by you when you were taking your pictures. You are so chic!

    • Irina Lakicevic

      Hei, hei! Uff jeg håper at det var ikke i det øyeblikket jeg klikket når solen forsvant akkurat når vi skulle ta bilder…Si hei neste gang da!Klem

    • Karn Kjerstad

      Hihi, nei såg veldig elegant ut, of course ;) og var veldig opptatt med fotograferingen!

  • Rosita Bizerman

    Love this outfit!!! The boots are gorgeous!

    • Irina Lakicevic

      Thank u!

  • PatriciaBrand

    love the coat mixed with the red clutch!!

    • Irina Lakicevic

      Thanks love!

  • Beatrice Gutu

    Great look! Love your coat so much!

  • twofortheshow

    I love that Vanessa Bruno coat…I missed out on it in the sales! You are very brave to wear sandals in -5….as soon as it is below 10 I get my winter boots out!

  • kelly

    I love this coat! It’s catchy with this pattern on it, but at the same time a timeless classic piece, as it’s B&W. Congratz with vogue! and sun in Bergen is really something to worship, when it comes out!

  • Lama Ibrahimli

    This is amazing, I love how you put on stockings with your sandals!

    Also can’t agree more on that statement, theres always SOMETHING missing in my wardrobe!!

  • Carol

    great coat !!! love the print :)

  • Soulofashopper

    I´m loving your coat!!!! xo, Alma

  • Fashion En Vie

    Your coat is so beautiful! :)

  • monkeyshines ♥

    fantastic coat!


  • thankfifi

    love this coat and I’m certain it will fill a gap however surely we never really want to find that elusive piece which fills THE gap?! For then there would be no more shopping…

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • The Love Hanger

    What a gorgeous coat! Black and white always looks amazing with a little pop of red. Glad it got sunny for you! <3


  • Christina

    its a great coat for sure!
    btw come to greece there is plenty of sun most of the time here!!!!

  • Denisa

    I really like that coat. Looks amazing and warm. Have a great day.


    Love the look! That coat + clutch are amazing and I love the socks in sandals thingy you got going on here.

    X Marjolein – Never Too