March 17th, 2013
Ok, I admit it, I googled  myself.However if I didn’t I woudn’t find this supercute photo of me and Ch during LFW righte after Christopher Kane I think?
Anyways, THANK YOU Nyanzi Report for featuring us!



  • Jane

    What a cute picture, you both look adorable!

  • Nikell (Modestyfashions on Polyvore)

    Yeah, you guys are super cute (^_^)

    BTW…I did a Polyvore set featuring this look:

  • blog mode Laura

    Super cute indeed!

  • Rhea

    Adorable! :)

  • monkeyshines ♥
  • Carol
  • Marta
  • Mancina

    so cute!!

  • Christina

    i think we all google ourselves at some point!!
    so you have nothing to be embarrased of
    Cause you were the one to admit it in public!!
    and you must have selfawarness and guts to actually do that!
    ps yes this snap is absolutely magnificent!
    it captures the moment and the feelings of you two and that’s what makes the picture magical!

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  • Debbie

    Love this shot, it’s so cute! :)


  • Anonymous

    Which camera and lenses do you use?
    Love your blog!

  • Tessa:

    Aah cute, haha what a lovely surprise find!

  • Davina

    Hahha..this is super adorable!

  • Nadi G.

    beautiful picture!

  • twofortheshow

    I googled myself recently and realised there is a porn star of the same name. Could have been disastrous as the images were pretty indecent and I was at work!