July 20th, 2014



When it comes to summer, I dare say that IF (and only IF) it is ‘good’ summer in Norway it as close to perfect as you can get. Some days  are chilly enough to sport an anorak or a sweater, while the others are nicely warm so you can lay on the beach for hours. os neither to hot nor to warm, and a summer knit actually makes sense. If you have been wondering why I amy seem absent the latter of the two above mentioned is the reason. Now, my vacation has started on Friday(thus the happy jump), and I am soon off to beautiful Sicily, but in the meantime enjoying Norwegian coast seems completely reasonable. As you can see I am very nautical this season, all in bretton stripes with white and navy dominating my wardrobe  (hello, sailor seems to be pretty big this year, no?). And to be honest what is there not to like, I have yet to see a women who doesn’t look good in a mens (or womens’ for that matter, but you know me and everything oversized) Bretton striped sweater, with either city shorts, bleached denim or as in my case sporty version with the 70’s twist._MG_5018
Ferien har startet og jeg nyter den fantstiske norske sommeren så mye som jeg overhode kan. _MG_5119

Christian Dior sweater, Acne shorts, Stan Smiths, Céline bag, RayBans, Daniel Wellington watch, Chloé bracelet.