September 10th, 2014


So peeps, I am so sorry for not updating lately, but as I mentioned I am in NY and from tomorrow on I will be back with normal posting I promise!In the meantime, I just wanted to show you some of my hectic schedule essentials, as if there is one that is important when running around is to keep your skin well taken care of and well moisturized.
While all the creams and goodness are very important what really doest it for my skin is the Clearsonic brush. Now I have had Mia 2 and I loved it, but when I got Aria to test it, I will admit I was head over heals for it.  Basically it has a couple of difference from Mia: 1st- it has  a drying stand and Amen to that- 2nd it has 3 different speeds, and the you can variate those according to your skin type and arias, 3rd- the design feels a bit more solid in a hand.*