October 19th, 2014

glow_skincare_coconut_oil_irina_lakicevic_tipsSO many of you have asked about what I use as a highlighter on my cheekbones, as I do have to brag a bit about glow my skin has. During the summer (remember this and this post ?) I have decided to dig into the coconut oil trend and see what kind of magic everyone is buzzing about.
Can we say all-in-one miracle?
Since I have used it as a makeup remover, as a higlighter, on my split ends and when my skin feels a bit dry I use it instead of night moisturizer.Voila! Secret reveled!
PS. Go for the eco version of the oil, much better for your skin!You can get it and most of the convenient stores and I know RMS has launched one too.

Folk har spurt meg i det siste hva har  jeg gjort med huden min  siden den har fått super fin glød (og skrytepave på denne siden av skjermen da vel).Ila sommeren har jeg valgt å prøve kokosolje som folk har blitt hypet til himmelen og forbi, og jeg med på bare hive meg på den hypen altså.
Mirkale produkt her -for å si det mildt!
Jeg bruker den som sminke fjerner, til slitte hårtupper, som highlighter og når huden min føles tørr, som fuktightesgivende ansikts krem over natten.
Liten tips: Gå for den økologiske versjon!Denne kan kjøpes i de fleste utenlandske butikker her og der, men man kan også kjøpe det på nettet.

RMS coconutoil here 




  • Jeanette

    Hi Irina,

    Do you mind sharing the forrest berries and oatmeal snack receipe? Looks so good.

    • Irina Lakicevic

      Hi dear!
      The recepy is adopted from the book by GreenKitchen Stories.
      But I can post it on Insta in couple of days.

  • Kari FM

    How do you do this? Do you take a small amount all over the face before your daycream do you mix with your daycream. Do you have a tips?

    • Irina Lakicevic

      Moisturizer:I wouldn’t recommend using it during the day as it is really greasy. During the night I just take a small amount on my fingertips and apply it with massaging movements.You can take a samll wipe and soak in the rests before you go to bed.I was at first concerend as I have acne prone skin, but coconut oil has also antibacterial effect so it works for me.
      Highlighter:As a highlighter just take a microscopic amount and dubb onto cheekbones. And you can use it on as a body lotion as well,but let the skin soak it in so it doesn’t damage the clothes.

      The best is just to take samll amounts as it melts to fluid in hands and apply it gently, it is easier to take more if you need it, rather than feeling like an oil pan if you have used too much 😉