Dried Apricot salad

July 28th, 2015

irina_lakicevic_salad1_dries_apricotSo, it is to hot to eat anything descent or cooked during the summer, so I am all about salads and good sources of protein. 

1 Handful of almonds and apricots
1-2 tbs Cottage cheese
Wilde rice & Quinoa enough for 2-3 portions
Mixed green salad
Olive oild
Salt/Pepper/Different herbs(thyme, rosemary, lavander, oregano, etc)

Foodie as I am I usually have some marinated aubergine in my fridge, but of you don’t that’s completely fine and a good starting point for today’s dish- heat the oven at 230 C , cut 1 aubergine in thin circles and drizzle well with olive oil. Bake until crispy edges (more or less according to the taste). At the same time ad 3-4 tbsp olive oil, garlic  and herbs according to your taste in a bowl. Ad warm baked aubergines and let it  cool and soak in.Cover with plastic foil after couple of minutes and set aside.
Now all the proteins and goodness comes mostly from the mix of wild rice and quinoa, I usually mix them half and half, but you can change the ration according to your own wishes. Cook the amount serving 2-3 portions total, as the label indicates (I am a sucker at making fluffy quinoa so I am not even going there). While quinoa and rice cool down cut a handful of apricots  into small dices and fry handful of almonds in a frying pant without oil on high heat until crispy and golden.
When rice&quinoa are cooked, put in a bowl and ad desired amount of marinated aubergine and mixed green salad.
Set on a plate and decorate with almonds & apricots. For extra protein source I liked to ad cottage cheese, but if you are vegan you can easily drop it.