Isabelle’s Impact

August 25th, 2015

IsabelleLet’s face it. We all have a thing for Isabelle. And while we may discuss every aspect of the movie from unhealthy
maso- co-dependent relationship(it´s not only Isa and Theo I am referring to), to the demonstrations and social changes that have taken place in the late sixties, it is the way Isabelle’s style tells a story about social and cultural mindset, but also is used to fortify her character that I found fascinating. The relationship between fashion and cinema has always been a close one, but it’s rarely done in such a  refined and subtle way as it is the case of The Dreamers. It seems  that I am not the only one taken by the nostalgic story about Parisian youth as many designers have been clearly inspired by Isabelle’s character.

1. The cat eye sunnies may have existed since the dawn of the fashion, but with slightly rounder shape and coloured frame as seen on what must be the most famous scene including a mop seemed so fresh and modern. Céline revived very similar shape some seasons ago in that fantastic bright red.Also the lamp that apperas in the beginning of the movie has the same floral pattern as Céline SS15
2. The Dungarees, especially white ones, have never seemed so grown up and cool as they do in The Dreamers. While  dungarees comeback can also easily be pinned to the trending 90’s, but have never looked sexier than when paired with a white tank top and red lipstick
3. The sheer masculine shirt as seen at Ann Demeluemeester, Haider Ackerman or Chloé, the sheer white shirt has been major last couple of season. Blame it on the 70’s, or the gals need to step away from the sculptural silhouettes dominating the early part of second decade of 2000
. 4.The whole floral chiffon blouse-paired with suede skirt trend.Than you have that mazing patchwork pussy-bow dress paired with very mod booty. You know that Hedi has watched this film more than once to say at least.
5. The Beret- the red beret somehow epitomises geeky chic, and states the rebellious streak of Isabelle’s character, but it also ads a sophisticated touch. No wonders that the gals at ‘new’ Gucci were wearing berets, which are obviously making a big comeback this season. While the girls at Gucci were somewhat more androgynous and quirky than Isabelle per se, they all poses the same intellectual glimmer in their eye that sets the apart.




  • viktoria

    love that movie

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  • Junglesiren

    All true… But Eva Green could wear an old carpet full of holes and she would make it chic. The girl has it going on!