Shoe Game

December 21st, 2015

Let´s face it- part of the Christmas joy is dressing up as if you would fit right into ‘Bill Murray’s Christmas’ or even ‘Full House’ Christmas edition comes to mind. I am thinking cute sweaters, chic jeans, beige, red, green a reindeer here some stars& sparkle there. At least I AM that insane.It seams that every Holiday season I turn into antithesis of Grinch, and become cookie baking, muled wine prepping, overdoing everything that Christmas is about monster. No shame in it. So, strong Christmas shoegame is as important as gingerbread. Lattest acquisition come son form of silvery Kirkwood loafers that have made my Christmas elf ( h-to-t  in beige, not green thanks) attire come to life.

Nicholas Kirkwood loafers at ShoeScribe*

*Christmas elfing on point brought to you by ShoeScribe