January 18th, 2016

9As it turns out the Brussels- Belgium’s capital was the cradle of the luxury leather good heritage  as we know it today.
More specifically Delvaux – worlds oldest fine leather luxury house was founded there in 1829. There is a certain holly Trinity that Belgium’s lifestyle is founded on – lace (flemish), chocolate & Delvaux- to the point of when girls come of age a Delvaux bag is gifted to them as a token of adulthood (with or without chocolate in it is uncertain). The bags can than be handed over through generations, which in itself is a testament why luxury leather is worth it’s investment.*

But before the bag is taken in it’s owners hands it goes through meticulous process of craftsmanship and expertise so that it is made sure that every detail is as it should be. Tender hands examine the leather while sharp eyes match the colours; and with two factories (one in Paris & one in Brussels) world’ demand for the highly popular Delvaux is barely getting covered.
No mass production, no satisfying consumers need for it-items & commercialism, no fuss; just pure simple luxury and good old elegance & style. And quality- because what is luxury if not victory of quality & style over time?
It seems that  world’s oldest luxury leather house is more than in tact with modern day Millennial thinking. I am aiming to the ‘slow-living’ concept, ‘to quality of quantity’ parole and ‘as little waste as possible’ thinking (unused leather pieces are stored for use in reparations or for training purposes)   that Millennials are concerned with.
And than again this old beautiful brand has so much easiness & humor & love in it’s constitution that the aura of it’s work space is the same one of family gathering over a meal and chatting, or just easy Sunday where everyone has found their crafty corner.
Another striking thing is the age difference between workers,old technology & crafty hands merging with fresh approach and technology- yet Another example of  progressive thinking hidden in this gems headquarters.
‘Ceci n’est pas un Delvaux’- is almost an intern joke that is refelctin brands unpretentious approach – I also mentioned easiness and I did come home with no less than 3 books on Madame D, a fantastically humorous concept created together with the artist Valentine DeCort through which we explore the life of Madame D through her bags eyes. Beautifully whimsical & easily relatable, yet still offering exclusiveness of luxurious lifestyle  and beauty where crafts win over the dimension of  time is what makes Delvaux relevant.And timeless.1



Disclaimer: Delvaux  covered stay and tour through their factory, I also run away with a key ring.
All opinions are my own.




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    Loved your words and opinion about this wonderful brand….