June 28th, 2016


Now. Right now. Actually- preferably yesterday- the state of mind digital sky is the limit velocity has left us, the consumers,in.
Lingering underneath fingertips, the one-click-to-get-it-all devices have made accessibility world phenomena where most of interaction happens on social media platforms where everyone is given a voice. Indeed the democratization of a vast fields of culture  previously reserved to selected( or interested) few has changed the cultural terrain beyond recognition- where that was once dried wastelands of  scarce opportunities are now blossoming fields budding with creativity and possibilities.
It is very interesting to remark that only couple of years ago brands were shying away from e-commerce, leading to gloomy predictions for what is now the fastest  growing retail sector.
The european retailer Zalando, has early recognized the potent mixture of democratization happening within fashion sector and growing digital possibilities,thus becoming  the largest European e-commerce platform offering endless possibilities within retail & apparel.*

With established model of  brand-retailer-consumer relationship merging and lines between traditional pathways blurred, the stage is set for innovation and creative approaches. The example of such merging taking an interesting turn is Zalando acquiring tradeshow Bread&Butter set during Berlin Fashion week in very grey industrial surroundings.  Although the tradeshow is set to be in the beginning of September and only hints were delivered last night during the preview event and the afterparty, word that sets the bar for September is FUN. Made clear by Zalando’s own David Schneider the goal of Bread & Butter by Zalando is to facilitate the ongoing discussion between brands, retailer and consumers, increasing interaction and just well, adding pop of color (courtesy of artistic duo Craig & Dean) to the whole. The italian giant Marni lead by one of the most admired women in fashion índustry Consuelo Castiglioni is set to reveal an exclusive shoe collection in collaboration with Zalando, as well as the event serving as a launch point of Tommy (Hilfiger)xGiggi collection.
If one is to judge from last night’s panel hosted by brilliant Caroline Issa the B2B will be a place for opinion exchanges, expanding horizons and pushing the bar couple of notches when it comes to personal experiences in an otherwise slightly chilly world of e-commerce.

01_Bread_and_Butter_by_Zalando_Preview_Caroline-Issa_Dirk-Schoeneberger_Jeremy-Tai-Abbett_Matt-Chlebek_Marina-Hoermanseder_Credits-Noel-Richter 03_Bread_and_Butter_by_Zalando_Preview_Credits-Noel-Richter
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