January 30th, 2017


Dearest readers,

As you have noticed as of late things are taking new shapes.
I started as a blogger in 2013 and so far it has been an amazing journey through which I have had the honour of entering an amazing industry, full of creativity and beautiful people. I have had a blast and ultimately learned so much.
Now, it is time for new adventures.
As those who follow me on Instagram have noticed already I have been linking and talking about art page called MINT which is  a name of our new digital endeavor.
As time goes by one matures– tastes and preferences don’t necessarily change so much but they thankfully do evolve and MINT is exactly that- a continuum of everything you have experienced so far on APP.
I, personally, have missed a platform that responds to my needs as a modern women- the one that is equally visually engaging and yet it provides a content that enhance me as a human being. I wanted a platform where you can look at all the beautiful images, but now know the name of the author whose efforts have gone into creating it, as well as the thought behind.
Somewhere in our digital age we started mindlessly consuming images, and suddenly you could lose parts and chunks of your day scrolling down, without actually getting anything back. The most sensitive of us noticed the void that followed,that restless devouring feeling of not knowing what to do without the phone, social media or not being able to disconnect. Simultaneously the content of digital platforms started falling short of anything meaningful, maybe not the instant photo you wanted but the content that would make you experience a certain level of satisfaction as you feel the content you have clicked on resembles  soul-food. The ultimate foodie equivalent to what I am working on is green juice contra McBurger and the transitioning period between those two.
Simultaneously I wasn’t very impressed with the visually engaging and creative content to be limited just to print magazines (think Gentlewomen, Purple, Muse), but I wanted to translate some of it on-line as well.
SO with all that in mind I gathered a small group of cool cats with the task of providing a some brain -food for our restless thumbs. Equally fun content to read on topics of modern living ( for example I think most of you would love the article Fika-the art of taking a break the Swedish way or ‘The art of the breakfastbowl’) or engage on beautiful images on David Hicks flower arrangment, or read about my favourite artist John Baldessari, or even take upon art & turbulent times as in out latest article on Kerry James Marshall.  
An that is just the beginning. In the course of months to come we will aim to make a lot of our content shopable, engage with different artists through interviews, videos etc and even have cool Dj’s sum up their favourite weekends music.
Ultimately MINT is a digital magazine with unfiltered  take on art (of) and modern living, feministic game strong as well.
It is ment to be savoured while you eat breakfast int he mornings, a quiet and quick read while waiting in traffic, on a plane, or a buss, or just when you know you want more but you do not have time to reach out for a book or print. Ultimately it is  problem-solving platform as the time spent there becomes meaningful, but it is ultimately easy to engage. Anytime and everywhere.

So hopefully as me, you have noticed the need to dig deeper, know more, but as me your lives are hectic, you are working women and cool cats, and you want to have it all- a click away.
Mint is also on Instagram @mint_journal  and I will as always keep updating my #ootd and general inspo on @irinalakicevic