N Duo Concept

March 20th, 2016

Case_study-NDuoConceptWith spring break just around the corner  and temperatures rising I feel it is about time to invest in some nice frilly-frills and no brainer florals that go with just about anything. I was introduced to the store called N-Duo Concept with it’s flare for sourcing out fantastically fun (even niche) designers and curated selection that makes my heart in love with uniqueness jump a bit.
If you have been following my Insta you have also noticed that they have also their amazingly priced co-brand & are launching a magazine.

My personal favourites for the season pictured above on the website*

*In collaboration with NDuoConcept


January 18th, 2016

9As it turns out the Brussels- Belgium’s capital was the cradle of the luxury leather good heritage  as we know it today.
More specifically Delvaux – worlds oldest fine leather luxury house was founded there in 1829. There is a certain holly Trinity that Belgium’s lifestyle is founded on – lace (flemish), chocolate & Delvaux- to the point of when girls come of age a Delvaux bag is gifted to them as a token of adulthood (with or without chocolate in it is uncertain). The bags can than be handed over through generations, which in itself is a testament why luxury leather is worth it’s investment.*
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Shoe Game

December 21st, 2015

Let´s face it- part of the Christmas joy is dressing up as if you would fit right into ‘Bill Murray’s Christmas’ or even ‘Full House’ Christmas edition comes to mind. I am thinking cute sweaters, chic jeans, beige, red, green a reindeer here some stars& sparkle there. At least I AM that insane.It seams that every Holiday season I turn into antithesis of Grinch, and become cookie baking, muled wine prepping, overdoing everything that Christmas is about monster. No shame in it. So, strong Christmas shoegame is as important as gingerbread. Lattest acquisition come son form of silvery Kirkwood loafers that have made my Christmas elf ( h-to-t  in beige, not green thanks) attire come to life.

Nicholas Kirkwood loafers at ShoeScribe*

*Christmas elfing on point brought to you by ShoeScribe

irina_lakicevic_sales_editSales for me are the perfect time to invest in those pieces that are a bit stand-out, yet still have that timelessness about them. Those are the everyday heros- as they easily transcend between occasions, seasons and are as relevant  year after year.

New in- budget buys

December 16th, 2015

Stumbled upon this piece at the H&M store earlier this week and the stripes looked so nice that I couldn’t resist. Money spent wisely.


December 7th, 2015

irina_lakicevic_wishlistOK, we are talking pink marble, raffia and black leather. Topped with gold accents.I really can’t think of better gift or gift suggestion right now (Santa, I am beeing strongly suggestive over-here)
Balenciaga Le Dix, Aurelie Biderman earrings


November 30th, 2015

I haven’t gone all crazy during Thanksgiving weekend, but I have scored this amazing piece  for a crazy, crazy price. A Chanel vintage icon from their SS2008 collection all cute and lovely.

Denim Lustlist

November 22nd, 2015

denim_windetr_irina_lakicevicPh: The Line

or some reason I have had denim on my mind lately. You would think that at this point one would be more than fed up with shades of blue, yet deisgners seem to be pumping out pieces that dreams are made of. Those Vétemants jeans might be an invetsment but after I have seen them countless of time during fashion weeks rest assure it is a worthy one. The sam goes for the Rachel Comey jacket, at the end who doesn’t want a shearling lined denim show off?

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