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Postcard from Toulouose

September 3rd, 2015

irina_lakicevic_Departement_femininOK, so by now. you have noticed that I have popped by France, right after Stockholm, collaboration with Département Feminin on a great project, as a stylist and art director. Basically from one of the most beautiful luxury stores I have been to to fantastic trip to french country side and working with fantastic team  this trip feel slightly surreal.

Pretty things

May 28th, 2015

As far as the designer who has it all Stella McCartney  (here dress from Stella McCartney Stockholm) has responded well to the theme of covering us gal on all aspects-  from relaxed minimalism to flowy lines – day or night. Like this dress for example- if it isn’t the prettiest thing you have seen, well look again. And again it covers a completely different range than the aesthetics showcased earlier.What I love about Stella is the fact that her pieces are easy, nonchalant and always enhance the best in a gal as soon as we slip into them.A bit tweaking here and there, the amazing palette which she is known for and  her take on things always give a garment that fun, sexy edge we adore Stella for. read more

irina_lakicevic_stella_mccartney_bernsAs you might remember last weekend I popped by Stockholm, where I got the amazing chance (and when I say amazing I also mean pretty flattering) to team up with Stella McCartney Stockholm store and shoot some pieces. The set of 4 -editorial shots (plus some streetstyle) was intended to showcase all aspects of Stella as the brand – and the crazy cool and very so tempting selection they have at their Stockholm store.
The first short series starts on a lazy Sunday morning at Berns Hotel Stockholm,spent in bed browsing through architecture  & photography books, where inspiration lies on every corner, the 70’s style photos are ment to capture that particular mood & moments. read more

Summer dress

May 21st, 2015

One of the amazing things I have had a chance to do while in Paris is to sport this dress &bag  from Département Féminin during fashion week. Can we just say -hallelujah? If this isn’t one of the most amazing pieces this season I don’t know what is.
Traffic- stopper, no?  read more


April 24th, 2015

irina_lakicevic_tommy_hilfiger_stylingPh:Kristian Søvik

And No.2 is out!Inspired by café life blooming in Paris, whole Parisian culture is centered around it’s invigorating outdoorsy happenings. Shot at the typical atmospheric little place in 2 Arrondissement the story evokes that 7.oo pm feeling. read more


March 16th, 2015

So peeps, you have noticed some changes happening on the site, and as the whole project isn’t complete, I am not going to talk too much about things, other than I have some exciting new plans for APP. Now, one of the cool things to come is that a part from my own personal- style looks, every two-three weeks I will also be featuring a more editorial look- just to show of some styling and directing skills.Very simple stuff to begin with and I am more than eager to hear what you think.
With that in mind here is the editorial No.1. read more

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