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My mind has been lately been preoccupied by the tiresome fact that we all have to face with now and than – exaustion from being overworked. It is as simple as that I just need to write a little less or not have as many patientes daily as I tend to recieve, or cut on my overtime  but for some reason it is easier said than done. SO when I finally leave my office with my head light as a baloon and low blood pressure that is partially to blame for my apathetic facial expression lately – I can only do one thing:  crush in the sofa surfing whatever sales have to offer nowadays. read more

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Sales have started in the US, with them the frenzy building up tpo Black Friday culminating in Thanksgiving Weekend that will be (according to my experience) spent on sofa with that ‘stuffed cat’ feeling. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to entertain the idea of writing about sales as one thing I felt went unnoticed today and IT deserves to be brought up.
Underneath all tempting sales and discount posts, shopping bag, outfits and pretty cakes I saw just about 2 Insta’s – 2 posts mentioning that today’s sales also coincident with (drumroll here)’International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women’. Ka-pow!
Now I am not much of  a writer, I am more of a deliver-punch-line-or-a-visual-comment kind of gal so just bare with me.
Here I am pledging my case for modern feminism, 20 reasons why we need it in random order


1.We need feminism in order to send who ever invented #EveryCoolGirlIsHalfBoy to hell, because #EveryCoolGirlDoesWhatEverSheWants read more

F(a)lashback Friday

September 4th, 2015


You might say that closure Style.com as well marks the end of a fashion era. The era marked by tremendous prosperity (I refer to it as golden age), countless of emerging designers, new ways of communication and above all accessibility that previously secluded fashion scene now gravitates towards (example perfectly given in Givenchy’s fantastic move to gift over 800 tickets to public).And than there is Yoox xNAP merger that has resulted in constantly updating BoF in search of fresh news.
This sense of ending might as well be the reason for the lamenting throwbacks and flashbacks to the 90’s we have been facing lately. read more


August 12th, 2015

Irina_Lakicevic_Céline_Tricolor_WorkwearAnd than here I was- somewhere between too tired to care what I am putting on – on my way to the office (dental one that is) and hey!- you know- I wear scrubs anyway. Consequentially I work with that sort of people(patients) too entangled in their own lives to judge on whether I have bothered to cover my dark circles or give my face  a healthy glow this morning, which to be honest is sort of liberating feeling. Deep down you all know what I am talking about (although you might have just gone the extra mile in the morning  to actually look awake as opposed to moi). read more


Some time ago , when the revival of 70’s was but a whisper (everyone has pegged the sixties for a grand comeback) I could honestly say that for me flares were back in the picture. I will confess that they caught my eye (after years of love-hate relationship), when the fearless Italians sported a pair or two during MFW season or so ago.  There they were, fearless and undoubtedly cool in they flares and their cropped jackets without even the slightest a reference to anything hippie-like or girly over the way they wore them. They were straight down bad-ass.  read more


January 11th, 2015

the age issue
Some year ago  or so, I had a lunch with the women responsible for my lack of ability to sugercoat – and my love for medicine– aka my Mother. Browsing through some old magazines laying strolled around our table  courtesy of my overfilled Céline, my mum lifts her gaze towards me pointing to a beauty photo in the magazine  and suddenly drops ‘ How does this industry imagine a 25-year old girl selling an anti-wrinkle cream to ME?’- pointing out to her age group of roughly fifty something. 
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April 2nd, 2014

Uten navn-6 _MG_0027Because nothing can beat denim, leopard and red combo, no matter who, where and what.
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So, the K&K cover popped yesterday. Now, this seriously happened last night- how I came to see the eponymous cover :
-After a particularly sleepless week, coming back from work on Friday, dropped tired (you can see the evidence of my sleepless nights on the latest Insta-selfie…)Rejoiced after a really delish pizza(it was Friday, ok?!) I crumbled on the couch, full and satisfied  I have fallen victim to an afternoon nap (that is what I am writing this at 1 am). Some 40 minutes-to an hour later,  I woke up and did as every proper internet addict does-grabbed my phone.Sleepy, dazed and confused (it is a pretty unconscious act nowadays)I clicked on the Facebook- icon. And there it was, the K&K cover. I actually thought I was dreaming for a moment, like one of those completely irrelevant things that you subconsciousness pulls out from some dark deep pocket of your mind. For a split second I was irritated that my mind really didn’t anything better to pull out than Kim Kardashian.

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